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  • What is the Volunteer Exchange (VEX)?
    The Volunteer Exchange is the principle market of exchanging volunteer work for experience, product, or services.
  • How does an average person sign-up to become a volunteer and collect benefits?
    To begin, the individual must first complete to 3 step form that after clicking the red VEX Connect button. After completing, the volunteer will receive a tailored email which includes their volunteer score and common instructions on interacting within the exchange. Once the Volunteer begins volunteering from chosen opportunities posted on VEX, or from opportunities sent via email, credits then be collected and product & services can be requested in exchange for Volunteer Services. All on the selected organizations discretion.
  • What can I do with my volunteer credits?
    Volunteer credits, also called experience credits are awesome! These credits allow volunteers to not only keep track to the amount of volunteering they being doing, but also can be redeemed for goods and services, bit by bit. Similar to Rewards points.
  • How can I Volunteer when I work or busy at University?
    Easy! VEX is something anybody can engage with just without the constrains of a normal job. This allows you to turn anything into a volunteer opportunity. Although you may not be able to volunteer while your working your 9 to 5, you can defiantly take advantage of VEX, creating opportunities for friends to earn or engaging in an opportunity on a your day off that you don't see as work. Similar to the Uber Company, all members are paid instantly through VEX. While at school you can create opportunities you can take advantage of and earn money, credits, and other means value like store gift cards. Not just large companies, campaigns, and organizations can take advantage of the Volunteer Exchange. The Exchange is also built for Entrepreneurs.
  • As an organization, how can I take advantage of the Volunteer Exchange?
    Okay! Buckle Up! Organizations, which is an umbrella term for a multitude of industries, can take advantage of the volunteer exchange market just like any other market, except this market is only meant to raise the bottomline. Using the example of sizable companies; large, midsize, and small companies can take advantage by circumventing quick jobs, marketing event staff, staffing requirements, and more to the exchange. These size companies that take advantage of VEX can obtain a better grip on market fluxes and various needs when they arise.
  • I'm running a campaign to run for office. How can VEX help me secure the win.
    Great Question! For starters VEX can not and will not promise campaign winning results, but we do act as a necessary tool to better secure the win. We know that campaigning can be tough and we took that into consideration when building VEX. So with the help of VEX, campaigners can cover more ground quickly, lower hiring expenses, produce a better voter turnout, tap into a market that were previously unavailable, and much more. VEX was built for Campaigners know matter the location or the reason.
  • What are the main qualifications I need to have in order to register as an organizer?
    Awesome question!! First there are some terms you must know before we go into detail. Those terms are Organizers & Volunteers. . In order to register as an Organizer, before the VEX app is released, you must qualify as one of the following: Sole Proprietor Partnerships Limited Liability Company Corporation Alternate Volunteer Organizations Accredited Non-Profits Churches Legal Firm Independent Contractor Government Agency Campaign Prospect/Manager Accredited Entrepreneurs Don't Worry! If you'd not find yourself to be positioned on this list we got something for you. Coming Soon, late 2024, all members will be able to register is Organizers automatically as well as VEX Members, giving you the power to assign simple tasks at individual low cost.
  • When will the VEX Platform become fully automatic?
    The platform is scheduled to become fully automatic in combination with Elect Me Platforms late 2024. Prior to that time, questions will be updated, volunteers have time to fully saturate the platform, and full subscriptions will be available once benchmarks are hit.
  • What is a Volunteer Score?
    A Volunteer Score, similar to credit score, is generally based upon three criteria, how often do you volunteer, how does your current occupation correlate to volunteer work, and how often you're available for volunteering. Your score can go up or down based upon volunteer activity, on-site completion rate, and met "Standards of the Volunteer." Volunteer Managers play a big part in how your score moves along the scale, so be nice and show up!
  • What are Experience Credits?
    Experience Credits are the Volunteer Exchange rewards system. You gain experience credits by working within the VEX marketplace and completing your duties on site. These credits are automatically redeemed and added to your account. All negotiations between VEX Member and VEX Organizer must go through an intermediary until the mobile app launch. Experience credits can be "cashed" in toward redeemable items and service. Not bills. Experience credits will be available for bills after the mobile app launch.
  • What is a VEX Membership Card?
    Primarily, your VEX Membership Card is meant for identification purposes for Organizers to know who you are once you arrive on site. You must have the physical card on your person, whether on your keys, wallet, purse, or both. You cannot have a picture of it on your phone or anything similar. Once the VEX mobile app has been launched, your VEX Membership Card will be available on your mobile device. Only then you can use an alternative method for verification once arriving on site.
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