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The Volunteer Exchange

Earn money by using skills already learned and completing simple tasks you enjoy.

Earn, Redeem, & more

Flexible and Accessible

Grow with an Instant Staff

Beta Version

Our Vision & Mission

The Volunteer Exchange is a new exchange platform, hosted by EMP that aims to facilitate volunteerism and community involvement on both local and global levels. We believe that everyone has the power to make a difference and that by working together, we can create a better world for all. Our platform provides a safe and convenient way for volunteers to find opportunities that match their skills, interests, and availability, and for organizations to connect with passionate and dedicated individuals who share their vision and values.


What the Exchange Offers

The Volunteer Exchange (VEX) offers a variety of features that make it easy and enjoyable to work and make an impact. Here are some of the main features:

Discover a Gig.

Get Right Opportunity

Our search engine and marketing team allows you to browse and filter volunteer opportunities based on your interests, skills, location, and availability. You can also save your favorite opportunities and get notified when new ones that match your criteria become available.

Earn Money when you want & Redeem Choice Benefits.

Connect with Others (Beta)

Our platform provides a social network for volunteers and organizations to connect, communicate, and share their experiences and achievements. You can create a profile, join groups, message other members, and showcase your skills and accomplishments.

Complete a Gig

Earn or Redeem

You have to ability to earn money weekly per Gig complete. Our platform also rewards members for their service by granting them access to a variety of goods, services, and experiences that can be redeemed. You can also earn credits by completing VEX tasks, sharing your experiences, and referring others to the platform.

Volunteer Exchange; Unchain Your Life.

Track Your Progress (Coming late. '24)

Our platform allows you to track your volunteer hours, tasks, and achievements, and generate reports that showcase your impact and contributions. You can also get recommendations and endorsements from other members, and improve your skills and credentials.

Organizations of any Type or Size are Welcome!

No matter the industry, if you're organization, club, company, or school looking for competent works to build a quick work force for an event, job, or task look no further!! 

Skilled & Scheduled Staffing

Accredited Volunteers 

Multi-Budget Use Capabilities 

All political campaign organizations based in Tennessee are subject to discounted fees for total platform activity pending validation requirements set by VEX host, Elect Me Platforms (EMP) Pending all requirements are met, exchange discounts will be granted in 5% account credits.   . 

Top Partners and Supporters

We are proud to partner with a variety of organizations and individuals who share our vision and values and support our mission to make volunteerism and community involvement accessible and rewarding for all. Join the exchange today and become part of our community of changemakers!

Needs Incorporated; parent company of VEX, EMP, & BluLine
Elect Me Platforms is the new way in discovering your power in society.
BluLine; Reinventing Education

What Our Members Say

"I've been using VEX for a few months now and I'm blown away by the number and quality of opportunities available on the platform. I've been able to connect with amazing people and organizations and make a real difference in my community."

Mary, VEX Member

"I've been using VEX to recruit workers for our organization and I'm impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the members. We've been able to find great volunteers for all our events and projects."

John, Organizer

"I've been using VEX to promote my business and give back to the community at the same time. I've been able to connect with more customers and offer them discounts and rewards that have brought me even newer customers and even more positive feedback."

Sara, Local Business Owner

What's a VolunteerScore?

Just like a FICO credit score, a Volunteer score is meant to ensure organizations that are getting the best Volunteer for the amount of offering they accept or pin-up in the market. Every Individual, post sign-up, receives a Volunteer score.

Do Organizations get Scores?

Yes, Organizations do obtain scores but not like individual volunteers. Depending on the industry, organizations receive a score based mainly on how often they are active within VEX and how they treat their Volunteers. 

Get ready to earn money and make a positive impact and be rewarded for your skill set through VEX. Connect today and start your journey of benefiting making a difference!

Try Earning at these Gigs first...

Try as trial run and redeem products, services, credits!

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