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Beta Feature

Upload your cart ( up to $2500) and submit for approval. After you've been approved, sign the document sent via email or text. No deposits required.

Fill Out, Upload, & Submit
Upload Photo ID
Upload Photo ID
Upload Your Cart.

Limited up to $2,500.00 (includes taxes) . If wanting to price match, upload same product from different stores and the lowest price will be added. If you have more than (4) URL's, call the registration department to finish. 901-519-3324.

Please read the following

This feature is in beta creation and will be fully launched when Hobbie Technologies fully launches all features of its platform. Beta correlates to Gig speed and acceptance. As users sign up for Hobbie Pinpoint brought to you by Hobbie Technologies, gig ratios average at 7.35 per user. This is an increase in gigs available of 12%. This is meant to help those users who have created a Hobbie Pinpoint Agreement complete the agreement faster if opted. This is a feature of Hobbie Pinpoint. Hobbie Pinpoint is a layaway program design for users to set a mark of what they would like to receive without the hassle of delivery fees. Only users with a mid to high (850-1200) level Hobbie score will be approved to create an agreement. Only users in areas designated for program rollout will be accepted into creating an agreement. Only users who have averaged more than 5 gigs in a 30 day span will be accepted into creating an agreement. Hobbie Technologies has full rights to change to terms and conditions associated with this beta program at any time of its choosing. Speed of which gigs are sent to users is solely based on industry of skill. Users can opt out of agreement at anytime and receive all income earned not including the normal company fees and taxes (if applicable). Any early termination of the agreement will involve a penalty with will result in a increase company fees by an additional 25% totaling 35%. Although, users have an early payoff option which will be custom in the agreement in addition with no penalty and keep all benefits of Hobbie Pinpoint. Please call Hobbie Registration (+1 901.519.3324) for any more questions or to sign up for Hobbie Pinpoint.

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